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ebook Cover, Geo by Topher Allen

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Genre: Middle Grade/Adventure

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The underground city of Golem’s Hollow, its crystal towers are the perfect home for a rock like Geo. No one would ever dream of leaving, not these days. But Geo never quite understood why. His grandfather went on so many adventures. What changed?


Somehow, his friends agreed to try camping on the edge of town this year. But disaster struck quickly. Now they’re lost in a distant land.


As they climb from the smoldering tunnel they enter a peaceful valley with sprawling green hills on both sides. A quiet sunset paints the sky.


This is it. The surface. But it’s a brutal wilderness full of bizarre animals. And what are all those odd structures they keep finding? What happened out here all those years ago? Geo needs to get home, but along the way some long-held secrets will make him question if he even wants to go back at all…

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