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Topher Allen Writer Books Author Geo Ebook Young Adult



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Genre: Middle Grade Adventure

Price: $2.99 (Kindle),  $7.32 (Paperback)

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Looking for something a bit different? How about a rock with a day job?

A colorful slow burn that ignites into a thrilling adventure that will change Geo's life forever... if he and his friends can survive.

Geo dreams of distant lands. Having spent his entire life in a crystal city deep underground, the ambitious young rock isn’t sure he’ll ever experience anything outside the peculiar culture and traditions of his isolated home. But when he persuades his friends to venture beyond the city limits, his thirst for excitement quickly leads to disaster.

Trapped with no way back, Geo and his friends are left with no choice but to press on through a beautiful, deadly wilderness full of strange beasts. The rookie adventurer fears he may never see home again.

Geo is a fun, science-based fantasy adventure. If you like engaging characters, witty banter, and enchanting settings, you’ll love this electrifying journey.

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